We Hate Idol: Comment Of The Week

This comment from We Hate Idol reader GNN was so funny and spot on, we had to dedicate an entire post to it:

Adam Lambert looks disgusting and he’s completely plastic. He’s not being himself up there. If he was, he’d be dressing up like a woman and he’d have purple hair and his tongue down a random dude’s throat.

You may think he’s good now, but that’s only because you listen to him once a week for three minutes. Imagine buying his record and hearing that ear piercing squeal he does in the middle of every song for 12-14 songs in a row. That’s down right torturous and I wouldn’t wish that kind of pain on anyone.

And yes, we all know Adam Lambert was only put in the bottom 2 this week to scare his fans into voting more for him. It’s just another disgusting, despicable example of why WE HATE IDOL.

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