LIVE BLOGGING: American Idol Season 8 – Hollywood (Day 5)

2/11/09 – Hi, I’m Jillian Madison, and I’ll be LIVE BLOGGING tonight’s episode of American Idol for you guys – because let’s face it, sitting around on your computer and hitting refresh is underrated.

Leave your thoughts on the episode in the comments. Let’s do this.

8:01 pm: Nathaniel is crying again. Already. This is going to be a long hour.

8:04 pm: The judges are sitting on huge red velvet chairs that make Simon’s skin look even more pasty. They just sent Anoop the Indian through to the next round. Von Smith is currently sweating in his imitation Banana Republic blazer.

8:06 pm: Ew, the skin around Von Smith’s neck is ALL BLOTCHY. He made it through to the next round. I don’t like him. To me, he looks like a British elf.

8:11 pm: Wayne Brady is doing public service announcements for the big “Digital Switch.” Times must be rough.

8:12 pm: Ooh, big news. There may be a “sing-off” between contestants if the judges are on the fence about them.

8:13: The judges are already invoking their right to invoke a sing-off. They’re randomly making Cody Sheldon, the weird Goth filmmaker, sing a song in front of them. He looks unshowered and greasy.

8:14: Now Alex Wagner, who coincidentally also looks like a British elf, is singing for the judges. He’s clutching at his purple Freddy Kreuger sweater and nervously butchering Elton John.

8:16: Alex the British elf made it through. Cody got sent home, hopefully to bathe.

8:18: Adam Lambert, the loser who painfully sang “Believe” by Cher last night, is heading to the judging room. Oh God. They’re replaying last night’s performance.

8:19: Simon said, “It’s not good news, it’s great news. You’re on the show.” I don’t think so, Simon. For Adam, great news would have been “Marilyn Manson is in your bedroom waiting for you – and he’s naked.”

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