Common Types of Crowds You’ll Find at Every EDM Event

If you’ve ever been to an EDM festival you must have noticed different types of people with a similar dress code and often hanging together. They often dress alike and tend to have almost similar characteristics. You can pretty much tell plenty about them from the attire they sport.

Here’s a look of at some of the most common crowds you are bound to meet at every EDM festival.
The most obvious group is what we call Kandi kids, for lack of a more descriptive term. You’ll see them everywhere, from the waiting lines to the mosh pit. Almost everyone at the festival wears some form of Kandi but Kandi kids are quite bold in their attire. They’ll often sport colorful beads, fluffies, and even spirit hoods among the dudes. Unicorn tanks are also quite popular with this crowd.

There is also that crowd of rave brothers and girls. You can tell them from the crowd by the amount of neon they emit from tank tops emblazoned with huge and quite inappropriate phrases. They also rock neon sunglasses, especially the guys. That is if they are wearing anything above the waist, but the dudes in most cases will be flashing six packs and tattoos. Rave babes usually come in same neon tank tops with similar large phrases and booty shorts. Their foot wear may include LED light-up sneakers too. In most cases, rave bros and babes are fraternity or sorority members who have taken a trip together from some distant college for a weekend of fun at the festival. And they do really know how to have a great time at any festival. They party hard.

There are also those flower kids who have through ages become a permanent feature in almost every musical festival, including EDM concerts. Flower kids or children as they were known back in the 60s all the way to the 90s are new-age hippies who advocate for ideals like peace, love, and fun. They are not difficult to pick out from the festival crowds. They sport tie-and-dye tops above denims and plenty of flowers. They have a caring attitude towards life and are some of the sweetest people to hang out with at an EDM fest. Their flowery outlook radiates good vibes and responsible partying.

Though not as popular as Kandi kids, Rave brothers and Rave babes, or even flower children, the group we prefer to call Tech Heads are fairly common at EDM festivals. A Tech Head is an ardent fan of tech-house music, techno, and anything in between. They go for dark deep beats with an attire to match. Bright colors are a no-no to this group. They instead prefer to wear vampire black and anything that would likely scare you away. Their attire is a bit on the weird side, but it doesn’t make them less friendly. It’s just their preferred dress code, but they are quite welcoming and would gladly enjoy the company of anyone who loves EDM as much as they do.

There’s that other crazy crowd you well know of who profess an undying fanatic love for the DJs. Let’s just call them Super Fans. You know them, the type that simply adores certain artists in an extreme way. They are totally dedicated to their favorite artist or DJ in a life changing way. They never miss any event featuring their favorite artist. It is true that certain DJs music and attitude can have an effect on people, but Super Fans take it to another level. They reflect their love and loyalty to their idol in their outfit. Their clothes have something to do with the artist, from song lyrics to large portraits or names of the artist prominently displayed in front. Super Fans go to great lengths to show their love for their artist.

Everyone comes to the event in the company of their own groups, but the most important thing to remember is that we all come together to enjoy the music we so love. An EDM concert is for like-minded fans of music, so whatever group you come in, take time make new friends while you can.

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