Common Types of Crowds You’ll Find at Every EDM Event

If you’ve ever been to an EDM festival you must have noticed different types of people with a similar dress code and often hanging together. They often dress alike and tend to have almost similar characteristics. You can pretty much tell plenty about them from the attire they sport.

Here’s a look of at some of the most common crowds you are bound to meet at every EDM festival.
The most obvious group is what we call Kandi kids, for lack of a more descriptive term. You’ll see them everywhere, from the waiting lines to the mosh pit. Almost everyone at the festival wears some form of Kandi but Kandi kids are quite bold in their attire. They’ll often sport colorful beads, fluffies, and even spirit hoods among the dudes. Unicorn tanks are also quite popular with this crowd.

There is also that crowd of rave brothers and girls. You can tell them from the crowd by the amount of neon they emit from tank tops emblazoned with huge and quite inappropriate phrases. They also rock neon sunglasses, especially the guys. That is if they are wearing anything above the waist, but the dudes in most cases will be flashing six packs and tattoos. Rave babes usually come in same neon tank tops with similar large phrases and booty shorts. Their foot wear may include LED light-up sneakers too. In most cases, rave bros and babes are fraternity or sorority members who have taken a trip together from some distant college for a weekend of fun at the festival. And they do really know how to have a great time at any festival. They party hard.

There are also those flower kids who have through ages become a permanent feature in almost every musical festival, including EDM concerts. Flower kids or children as they were known back in the 60s all the way to the 90s are new-age hippies who advocate for ideals like peace, love, and fun. They are not difficult to pick out from the festival crowds. They sport tie-and-dye tops above denims and plenty of flowers. They have a caring attitude towards life and are some of the sweetest people to hang out with at an EDM fest. Their flowery outlook radiates good vibes and responsible partying.

Though not as popular as Kandi kids, Rave brothers and Rave babes, or even flower children, the group we prefer to call Tech Heads are fairly common at EDM festivals. A Tech Head is an ardent fan of tech-house music, techno, and anything in between. They go for dark deep beats with an attire to match. Bright colors are a no-no to this group. They instead prefer to wear vampire black and anything that would likely scare you away. Their attire is a bit on the weird side, but it doesn’t make them less friendly. It’s just their preferred dress code, but they are quite welcoming and would gladly enjoy the company of anyone who loves EDM as much as they do.

There’s that other crazy crowd you well know of who profess an undying fanatic love for the DJs. Let’s just call them Super Fans. You know them, the type that simply adores certain artists in an extreme way. They are totally dedicated to their favorite artist or DJ in a life changing way. They never miss any event featuring their favorite artist. It is true that certain DJs music and attitude can have an effect on people, but Super Fans take it to another level. They reflect their love and loyalty to their idol in their outfit. Their clothes have something to do with the artist, from song lyrics to large portraits or names of the artist prominently displayed in front. Super Fans go to great lengths to show their love for their artist.

Everyone comes to the event in the company of their own groups, but the most important thing to remember is that we all come together to enjoy the music we so love. An EDM concert is for like-minded fans of music, so whatever group you come in, take time make new friends while you can.

Miami Developers Working Hard To Build Additional Executive Office Spaces

As an up and coming attorney, you need to understand that you have a lot of work ahead of you. Sometimes, it may be necessary to relocate to a more strategic location, in order to bring in clients and begin earning a reasonable profit for your services. For many attorneys, relocating to Miami, Florida is a wise choice. The city can be very advantageous for a handful of reasons. Not only is the climate wonderful, but also the scenery is downright beautiful. Of course, the benefits do not end there. Below, you’ll learn more about the benefits attorneys can acquire, by moving to Miami right away.

Executive Office Spaces Galore

If you’ve ever been to Florida, you’ll agree that the state’s construction industry is always consistent. Throughout the state, construction is ongoing in residential and commercial developments. This is especially true, when it comes to executive office spaces. Unsurprisingly, numerous Miami property developers are working diligently to bring additional executive office spaces to Miami. This can be very beneficial for attorneys, who are looking for suitable office space. By making the move, attorneys will find offices easily and the prices tend to be less expensive, since the demand is lessened by the new developments.

Executive Office Benefits

The executive offices within Miami can be incredibly helpful for up and coming attorneys. Since these individuals will likely have very little collateral, they’ll need to utilize their money wisely. Renting out an executive office can help them do just that. This is the case, because these offices are not only affordable, but also they’re equipped with everything the professional will ever need! First and foremost, the majority of these offices will offer access to high-speed Internet and even dedicated phone lines. Both will be pertinent for attorneys of all experience levels.

It is also possible to find office spaces, which can accommodate large groups. This is wise, if a meeting is necessary between you and your clients. Finally, some of these buildings also offer access to a casual work lounge. This makes it possible for attorneys to work, while also socializing with their colleagues. This can be very beneficial, when attempting to come up with trial strategies and new defense techniques.

Location Is Everything

The Miami developers have done a wonderful job placing their executive office spaces in a viable location. This is true, because the majority of these spaces are nearby the local courthouses. This makes the offices very convenient for attorneys and will make it possible for them to walk back and forth. At the same time, these new offices are located substantially close to various forms of transportation. Most are very close to the interstates and highways, so getting home will not be a problem. Also, public transportation services are readily available, so you’ll be able to get home, without owning a vehicle.


Attorneys that are looking for potentially profitable cities should definitely add Miami to their list. The city is overflowing with opportunities, excellent office spaces and a climate, which will be sure to satisfy anyone. If you do decide to relocate to Miami, you will want to check out the new executive office spaces and consider utilizing them for your business!

Determining the Degree of Hair Loss with Hamilton-Norwood Scale

The rate at which men suffer from hair loss is very individualized. A lot of men may lose their hair during their early twenties. Others may exhibit signs of hair thinning after their fifties, only to have an advance degree of hair loss problem within a span of one to two years.

For men who are genetically predisposed to hair loss, it is crucial to understand just how far your condition has progressed. Why? This is in order to know what kind of treatment is suitable or best to prevent and stop the onset of your hair loss condition. A tool referred to as the Hamilton–Norwood scale, developed by Dr. James Hamilton and Dr. O’Tar Norwood, aids in classifying the different ways pattern baldness occurs in men.  This standard scale of measurement gives a comparative assessment on the stages of male pattern baldness.

This chart serves a guide to determine how advanced the hair loss is, using various stages ranging from I to VII. The higher is the level, the more pronounced is the male pattern baldness.

Primary Classifications of Hair Loss: Anterior versus Vertex

In the Hamilton-Norwood Scale, the pattern of baldness in men is categorized into two main types: the anterior and the vertex. The anterior exhibits a receding hairline at the front area, which is temples, while the vertex is characterized with a receding hair line on the back portion known as the crown area of the head.

In stages 1 and 2, the hair loss or hair thinning condition is considered mild. These stages show a minor recession of the hairline and the central front part of the scalp becomes thinner. During these stages, the hair thinning and hair loss condition can still be prevented and hair regrowth is still possible. With that, early treatment is recommended in order to hamper the progression of the hair loss condition.

In stages 3 to 4, the hair loss is clearly noticeable and the hairline becomes deeper compared to stages 1 and 2. These stages are said to be the early phases of male pattern baldness. This is a crucial moment since the bald spot grows larger; hence, more aggressive actions are needed to prevent its onset and to regrowth healthier hair strands. Without the treatment, the hair loss condition may worsen.

In stages 5 to 7, the hair loss is considered severe. During these stages, the hair will become finer and thinner, and its quality is usually weak. Any type of hair loss treatment would not be effective. However, hair restoration procedures like hair transplantation and non-surgical hair replacement using hair systems are possible.

Bottom Line, determining the degree of hair loss is vital in order to prevent the worsening of the hair loss and hair thinning problem. Always bear in mind that—an ounce of prevention is always better that a ton of cure.

Diet for Pregnancy

Explore the best diet for pregnancy

Pregnancy is the period of 40 weeks i.e. 9 months which needs special attention and care each minute. A small diet mistake may lead to gastritis problem, bloating, vomiting and nausea. Many women suffer from dizziness and vomiting horrible tenure due to spicy food and acidity. However, it is significant to avoid the intake of such food items which create acid and produces gas.

What to eat and what not to?

Mostly women in pregnancy find a state of dilemma that which is the best fruit, which drinks should be added in the meals and how to eat at intervals. So friends here is a list of some precautions and food consumption pattern which will be valuable in the long run for you-

  • Drink plenty of water– The liquid is demanded the most by a pregnant lady body because it is preparing a fetus to grow in a womb which contains amniotic fluid. The more you drink water, the more you get hydration. The loss of water may lead to dehydration status, constipation and horrible bloating in the lower abdomen.


  • Eat at intervals- It is not necessary to eat whole meal every time to keep hunger away. The best friend for a pregnant woman is fruits and milk products. The consumption of fruits such as apple, guava, and banana is beneficial for the baby development. There are few fruits which are strictly asked not to have during the pregnancy are- papaya, pineapple and citric fruits. Thus, a gap of 2 hours is necessary in each meal. Never eat lot of food at once or else you will not be able to digest properly the whole day.


  • Natural juice intake– orange, watermelon and apple juice is extremely favorable for a pregnant woman. The juice moisturizes the stomach and also removes acidity. Mixed fruits juice or vegetable extract juices that are taken out at home with fresh fruits are highly beneficial.



  • Milk products- I used to hate milk products, but still my mother always accentuate on curd, yogurt shake, and hot chocolate milk at night and pudding. There was a myth I heard since childhood that baby color becomes white when a lady stress upon white products especially milk items during the pregnancy. Here I am I followed this unbelievable myth properly which eventually resulted into a cute and adorable baby boy.

Though, pregnancy comes with unexpected surprises, you may encounter allergies with some food smell. Is seas food is irritating ten avoid it completely. Eat what you like and stay healthy.


Tips On Getting Your Call Center Set Up And Operating Efficiently

Tips On Getting Your Call Center Set Up And Operating Efficiently

Many people are getting out of the workforce and starting their own business. It can be difficult to choose the perfect business structure. It is important to select one that will offer you many financial and personal rewards. Telemarketing call centers are a very profitable business venture that will offer you both of the rewards and a whole lot more.

No Need To Hire Employees

It is quite a difficult process to hire and train employees. This is a very expensive part of starting and owning a business. This is also a never-ending process that will require a human resource department, which means hiring more employees that are highly qualified for this position. If you set up your very own virtual call center, you will have no need for employees. You will be able to run everything right from your very own computer, without any assistance. This will save you a lot of money that you can use for more important things.

Different Types Of Software

Call Center Now is one of the best virtual call center software available on the market. The only equipment that you need with this software is a computer and Internet service. This program will also allow you to log and record your calls, which is definitely a plus, when running a virtual call center. You can also receive calls from customers so that you will never miss out on an opportunity to make a sale. Manage everything right from your main computer, without the need for a brick and mortar call center business.

Appointment Management

In order to be time efficient, you will need to control every aspect of your business right from your computer, without the need for a landline or mobile phone. If you offer services to your customers, it is always important to be able to oversee the management of appointment scheduling, manage and receive emails concerning appointments, and setting up appointments with your servicemen. This is definitely time management at its best.

Tracking Your Performance

The virtual software will allow you to track your performance from day to day. This will not only provide you with information that can be beneficial in helping you find new ways to improve your output, but it will allow you a good system to keep on top of what is happening within your business.

Strict Scheduling

If you are on a strict schedule and like to start early and end late, then you will have the option of setting up your own schedule very easily. Several different time zones can be managed so it does not matter, where you reside. This program works well for every business owner. Setup your daily and weekly schedule according to your preferences. If you want to start accepting calls at 8:00 a.m. and halting them at 8:00 p.m., you will be able to do that without any difficulties. The scheduling engine can easily be manipulated right from your computer. Schedule your days on and days off, lunch breaks, and holidays so that you will not be hassled on your downtime.

Peripheral Arterial Disease: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

Peripheral Arterial Disease: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

 As the body begins to grow older, there are numerous complications, which can impact the arteries. Although it is often associated with coronary artery disease, PAD, or peripheral arterial disease, is somewhat unique and different. While PAD is commonly known to impact the arteries throughout the body, peripheral arterial disease of the legs is most frequently diagnosed. PAD and CAD are very similar in the fact that they both occur due to atherosclerosis narrowing and blocking arteries. PAD is a very serious condition, which can worsen and lead to severe complications, when left untreated. Therefore, you should seek a doctor, when you believe you’re exhibiting the signs and symptoms of the disease.

Basics Facts

 While it is possible to suffer pain in upper extremities, most PAD sufferers will face complications, within the lower limbs. Many report experiencing pain, aching and tiredness, when attempting to walk. After periods of rest, the pain will subside, but will return, when the individual moves again. Medical professionals often have a difficult time trying to diagnose the problem, which is sometimes mistaken for other disorders. If the problem goes untreated, it can result in some very dangerous problems, including amputation and gangrene! Sufferers of PAD are at a much higher risk of suffering a stroke or a heart attack.

Increased Risks

 Specific lifestyle traits can dramatically increase your risk of developing PAD. Those, who smoke on a daily basis, put themselves in line for developing the disease. Diabetics are also much more likely to contract PAD. By eating a healthy diet and lowing blood pressure and cholesterol, it is possible to lower your chances, but age is still a major factor.

Taking Control of Your Life and Combating PAD

 When it comes down to it, you can dramatically lower your risks of PAD and curb the symptoms of the disease, by taking control of your life and improving your lifestyle. Dropping those foods, which are high in fats and salts, can make you healthier, while also lowering your risks of developing PAD. On the other hand, you should definitely make a habit of exercising on a regular basis. With simply changes in your daily habits and small doses of medication, it is possible to manage and control peripheral artery disease.

Complications and Further Treatment

It is possible for peripheral arterial disease of the legs to drastically impact your life. When the condition is left untouched, it can lead to pain and suffering and difficulty while walking around. Sores and ulcers can also develop. If the disease continues to worsen, it will become visible, as your skin color near the problem areas will change. Depending on your specific situation, there are some surgeries, which can help to combat the disease. For instance, if the major abdominal artery is impacted, you may be forced to undergo an aortobifemoral bypass. Other potential procedures include a femoral-tibial bypass and a femoropoliteal bypass, but lifestyle changes and improved overall health is your best bet. Although endarterectomy can help, it is best to avoid complex surgeries and seek natural remedies.

AMERICAN IDOL FINALE: Results Show Live Blog (5/20/09)

This is it, guys! The final live blog of the season! Tonight’s bloated results show will be 2 hours and 7 minutes long, so prepare thyselves for a long night of boredom and lame performances (a Steve Martin song? Really?)

Last night’s Kris Allen vs Adam Lambert sing-off was the least watched American Idol finale since the first season. That confirms what we’ve been saying all along: this has been the worst season, with the least interesting and least talented contestants, in the history of the show.

Since this is American Idol, it’s time to cram some advertising down your throats! Be sure to check out our network of fun websites after Idol ends! If you watch the Food Network, you may like Food Network Humor. It pokes fun at the Food Network personalities and shows. And check out Pophangover for original pop culture satire, top 10 lists, TV recaps, and celebrity parodies.

8:05: Kara DioGuardi’s legacy – overusing the word “sweetie.”

8:06: Why the hell are Kris and Adam wearing all white? Did they die? Is this ghost Idol? Or did they suddenly get  lucrative careers as house painters?

Horrible ex-Idol contestant montage #1. Perfect time to get up and grab a snack. Or kill yourselves. Either one.

8:15: David Cook’s singing some slow, boring song with lots of adjectives and biblical references in it. If you’ve never heard it before, it’s probably because the song is so awful that the radio stations refused to play it. Nice to see he still has his signature greasy combover, and silver studded belt from Claire’s though.

One of the We Hate Idol commenters pointed out that David Cook and Kate Gosselin have damn similar haircuts:

8:25: Lil Rounds is looking FIERCE. Queen Latifah, however, has NO business wearing that black spandex unitard. AHH, LATIFAH CAMELTOE! Look away! Save yourselves! I don’t even wanna know what’s under that zipper.

8:40: Kris Allen and Keith Urban are singing “Kiss A Girl” – and even though the twang sounds of country music make my brain feel like it’s being boiled in oil, I have to admit they are pretty good together. Sounds far better than anything Lambert has done all season, that’s for sure.

8:45: World’s worst GLAMOROUS performance from the female Idol rejects. Megan Joy is still doing her twisty-turny baby dance. Fergie doesn’t sound so hot, either. If there was ever a time for Randy to bring back his “Pitchy, dawg, pitchy” critique, that time is NOW.

8:49: What the hell does Fergie have on her right hand? It looks like the world’s cheapest Wolverine costume.

8:52: Another look back at past contestants. Oh, look. Bikini girl. Remember when Kara DioGuardi was funny and feisty? For those 3 minutes? The good ol’ days.

8:53: Bikini Girl got a boob job! Her new fake tits are 2 inches below her chin and they look so gross!

8:55: Bikini Girl and Kara DioGuardi are having a sing-off on stage, to Mariah Carey’s “Vision Of Love.” Kara can sing, I’ll give her that! She sounds great. And personally, I think she’s 500x hotter than Bikini Girl, even though she’s at least 10+ years older. Ooh, drama: Kara ripped open her dress at the end, in the funniest Idol moment of the season. Ryan Seacrest said the judges dared her to do it, and since she did, they’ll be donating money to her favorite charity.

9:05: Danny Gokey is now bastardizing “Hello” by Lionel Richie, one of the most classing songs of all time. Of course, he has a new pair of glasses. “Hello? Is this awful performance over yet?” Nope! Now Lionel Richie is on stage, wearing all black, with a long black trenchcoat, like a rejected extra from the set of The Matrix. If this is Lionel Richie’s new song, it blows.

9:16: What the hell is Lambert wearing? Did he just get his ass kicked by Tina Turner in Mad Max’s Thunderdome? What an attractive look – shoulder boobs. So special. He looks like a moron.

9:17: KISS is on stage singing with Adam. I may get flamed for this, but I think KISS sucks ass. I hate their music, and their schtick is tired and lame. Nothing says “pathetic” quite like senior citizens smashing guitars in platform shoes and face makeup.

9:28: Tacky Santana music montage. Wake me when it’s over. Oh, Heather Locklear is iin the audience, and her face is looking awfully plastic-y!

9:31: Adam and Kris just got new Ford Fusions. And 3 of my gay friends already sent me instant messages saying “no self respecting gay man would be caught dead in a Ford Fusion.” Sorry, Lambert! What I want to know is, who the hell filmed that Ford Focus segment? Why was the camera so shaky? I need a Quaalude.

9:40: Danger! Danger! Scott Macintyre is alone and unattended on stage!

9:41: Rod Stewart is now on stage singing “Maggie.” Call your moms, quick. They’d love this shit. Everyone else, NOT SO MUCH. Why the hell is he here? What is he promoting? What’s wrong with his left leg? DOES HE HAVE A WOODEN LEG???

9:46: TATIANA DEL TORO should have been on this season for the sheer entertainment value alone. She just won the Golden Idol for Outstanding Female Performance. She had it in the bag. Tatiana, we’re saving all our love for your Idol tryouts next season.

9:54: This “We Are The Champions” Queen montage is corny, just like Glambert. It’s been 2 hours. Let’s just have the damn results already.

100 million people voted and the American Idol winner is KRIS ALLEN!!!!!!!!  HE DID IT!  Cocky Adam Glambert thought he had it in the bag! Phenomenal. I feel like it’s New Year’s Eve. Kris defied the odds. The producers and the judges did their best to promote Glambert as much as possible, but they failed. Kris was more talented. Kris was more genuine. And in the end, the right man won.

Thanks for a great season, everybody! We will be back in January, covering the next season of American Idol. We’ll see you then!




VIDEO: Danny Gokey Forgets Words At Hometown Concert

Danny Gokey performed a hometown concert in Milwaukee – AND FORGOT ALL OF THE WORDS TO BILLIE JEAN. He paced around on stage and just grunted bits of words while the background singers sang the chorus over and over. Then he started talking about how he was “from the church” and the whole performance got all SISTER ACT faster than Whoopie Goldberg could say “you in danger, girl.” The entire thing was embarrassing to say the least.

Hey Gokey, I talked to God, and even he said it’s time for you to go. Peace out. You suck.


We Hate Idol: Comment Of The Week

This comment from We Hate Idol reader GNN was so funny and spot on, we had to dedicate an entire post to it:

Adam Lambert looks disgusting and he’s completely plastic. He’s not being himself up there. If he was, he’d be dressing up like a woman and he’d have purple hair and his tongue down a random dude’s throat.

You may think he’s good now, but that’s only because you listen to him once a week for three minutes. Imagine buying his record and hearing that ear piercing squeal he does in the middle of every song for 12-14 songs in a row. That’s down right torturous and I wouldn’t wish that kind of pain on anyone.

And yes, we all know Adam Lambert was only put in the bottom 2 this week to scare his fans into voting more for him. It’s just another disgusting, despicable example of why WE HATE IDOL.

Does Danny Gokey Have A Secret Deal With Lenscrafters?

We’ve all seen the annoying heart shapes that Danny Gokey makes with his hands while Ryan Seacrest reads his voting numbers every week:

And of course we all know Danny Gokey owns  more eyeglasses than any “straight man” on the face of the Earth (in fact, it has been scientifically proven that Gokey has more glasses than all of the nursing homes in the United States combined).

So is it just a crazy coincidence that Lenscrafters recently rolled out a new ad campaign with people making heart shapes with their hands?

There are only three possibilities, all of which make Gokey even more of a loser than we originally thought:

1) Danny Gokey has some secret deal with Lenscrafters, and is getting free eyewear for giving the company shout-outs on each episode.

2) Danny Gokey is giving a shout-out to his late wife, who died of a heart disease. If this is the case, Danny is a douchebag for pimping out the memory of his dead wife for sympathy votes.

or 3) Danny Gokey is JUST A HUGE TOOL, who loves to make fancy heart shapes with his hands like he’s a 7 year old girl.

Whichever one you choose, Gokey blows. The end.

(Thanks to Jill & OneTrickPony for the tip)