4 Wildcards Chosen; Top 13 Complete (Finally)

Tonight’s wildcard show was mind numbingly boring. Most of the contestants sang songs they’ve already sung before, including Tatiana, who sang “Saving All My Love For You” for the THIRD time this competition. Her performance was weak, and she was kicked to the curb. Bye-bye, Tatiana. Exit stage left. And take your new fake British accent with you.

They’re mixing it up this year, and having a top 13 instead of a top 12. The final 4 chosen during tonight’s Wildcard competition: JASMINE MURRAY, MEGAN CORKREY, MATT GIRAUD, and ANOOP.

The complete top 13: Scott Macintyre (the blind guy), Jorge Nunez (the Puerto Rican guy), Lil Rounds (the girl with the lame name), Allison Irahetta (the tween with the pink hair and unfortunate braces on her lower teeth), Kris Allen (the country hillbilly), Adam Lambert (the broadway freak), Alexis Grace (the boring meek mouse), Michael Sarver (the fat oil worker), Danny Gokey (the dork with the 92 pairs of glasses who pimps his dead wife for votes), Jasmine Murray (the boring black girl), Megan Corkrey (the raspy blonde mother with the tattoos), Matt Giraud (the dorky Justin Timberlake piano player), and Anoop (the Indian dork with the unibrow).

Translation: Officially the LOSER-IEST CAST OF ALL TIME.

The top 13 will be performing on Tuesday night.


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